About me

Although I can do without breakfast, I can't do without my first latte macchiato, which I prefer to drink in bed. In summer, I would like to live on ice cream only and my relationship with liquorice is also very close. Spending hours listening to the sound of waves is as much a hobby as listening to music, singing aloud at concerts and dancing every chance I get. When I'm not watching films & series, I read or stroll through book flea markets looking for new and old treasures. That's also where I discovered Jane Austen when I was a child. I love her stories and my writing motto is inspired by her quote:
"My characters shall have, after a little trouble, all that they desire." - Jane Austen


Even as a child, I imagined stories and took part in writing competitions. Even later, alongside my job and family, I tried to turn writing into a profession, but it remained just a hobby. Until, supported by my personal hero and the readers of my fanfictions, I finally found the courage to publish my debut novel "Dieses Band zwischen uns" with the self-publishing company TwentySix.


Fanfiction was something I discovered when the new season of a favourite series wasn't released. So I could pass the time by reading new adventures of my heroes, but I would never dare to write them myself. But when a newly discovered favourite series ended on a cruel cliff-hanger and it didn't look like there would be another season, I wrote my own continuation and published it on an English platform. The best thing about it is that you get feedback from readers directly, you can communicate with them and improve your writing. If you want to read this and other stories, here is the link to my account on Ao3.


Travelling to new places, exploring fascinating landscapes and immersing myself in history excites me just as much as discovering new things in familiar places. Especially the North Sea, which I have loved all my life, with its tidelands, dunes and endless beaches, has caught my heart. Just like Scotland with its stunning landscape, wideness and my favourite city, Edinburgh.


Photography accompanies me my whole life. First it was the aged pictures in the old photo albums of my grandparents, later the photography course at school and my professional path. Besides nature and mood pictures, I like most to take photos of my children.

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